Payroll Software for Staffing Companies

Why do you need a Payroll software solution?

A payroll is collection of timesheets with the same Week-ending or batch date, financial record of employees’ salary or wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

An automated payroll software provides records detailing the salary, wages, allowances and deductions for each employee for a specific period. Payroll system includes wages, commissions, bonuses, overtime pay, pay for holidays, vacations and sickness, payment for piece work, value of meals and lodging and other substitutes for money.

An office automation software solution with the above features can dramatically increase efficiency, simplify & systematize the work of staffing companies that are providing contract staffing, temporary staffing and other specialized payroll outsourcing services to their clients.

Reasons to outsource payroll

You focus on your core competency: staffing, recruiting and sales to build your business. Rely on outside service expertise for payroll. The payroll company takes full liability for all payroll functions (tax deposits, tax filings, W-2′s) and provides the equipment, software, and support. As the scope of your business changes, there is easy scalability with an outsourced solution. This solution requires minimal in-house equipment and staff for your payroll. We can manage your entire back end for you!

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What is the TempWizard Payroll Software solution?

TempWizard : Perfect solution for staffing companies that would like to outsource payroll.

TempWizard is designed to link with the nations largest and most respected payroll services. TempWizard’s Employee screen allows for W2, 1099, incorporated, third-party Employees and candidates. In conjunction with payroll services, TempWizard properly handles direct deposit, tax filing, multiple jurisdiction tax issues and much more!

  • Handles direct deposit, tax filing, multiple jurisdiction tax issues and much more!
  • User defined fields, including additional burdens for exact cost management, can be established to track the information you need.
  • Features such as alert codes, original hire date tracking, unlimited notes, historical Timesheets, performance evaluations, Job Order review are available instantly.
  • Employee referral tracking and a simple drag-and-drop interface makes searching on and assigning employees based on user-defined employee skills fast and easy.

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